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Phillip Sanborn Staff Photo
Phillip  Sanborn
AP US History/AP American Govt.
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Subjects Taught
American Government, AP American Govt., AP US History


When I was still in Junior high school I knew I wanted to be a teacher. Growing up in Park Ridge, Illinois I was lucky to attend some of the best schools in the nation and have some of the best teachers. They were part of the reason for my decision to make education my profession. That along with my parents’ constant reminder that taking advantage of a first rate education was my most important task in life. I took full advantage of it.

After graduating from Maine East High School I attended Adrian College in Michigan majoring in Political Science and history with a minor in English. Later I earned an MA in education from the University of Wisconsin.

Politics and government have always been my passion because it plays such an important and significant part in all of our lives. I remember handing out political literation as early as 6th grade.

Williams Bay hired me in 1981 to work as a high school Social Studies and English teacher. I presently teach AP American government and AP U.S. history.

I have traveled extensively since I was young and still do, having visited every continent but two.

I am the proud parent of two adult children, Leah and Daniel. They are easily my two greatest accomplishments in life.

Teaching continues to be my passion. I love working with young spirited minds and enjoy the passion and energy they bring to the classroom and life.