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Varsity Girls Soccer
Rene Perez the varsity girls soccer coach would like interested players to attend the parent/athlete meeting on March 1st at Big Foot in the Commons at p.m.

Parent Letter on Vaping from Dr. White

February 14, 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Williams Bay Middle/High School, similar to many other schools, has seen a recent spike in incidents involving student vaping.  Complicating this issue is that there is varying information and misunderstandings involving vaping and/or electronic cigarettes.  The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the issue, give you resources if you feel your child is involved in this kind of behavior, as well as alert you to possible repercussions if your child engages in vaping on school property. We take this issue very seriously due to the negative health effects vaping can have on our students and find that parents are often not aware of the risks around vaping.  The increase in vaping prompted us to do more research and we want to share our findings with you.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 1 out of every 4 middle and high school students uses electronic vaping products. Common additives used in vaporizers/e-cigarettes include nicotine, flavorings and caffeine. In high doses, these substances may have negative effects on adolescent brain development. Additionally, vaporizers/e-cigarettes are devices that can be used as a delivery system for cannabinoids and potentially other illicit drugs.  As parents, we want you to be aware of this issue and to talk to your teens about it. 

Vaporizers/e-cigarettes come in all different shapes. Some common styles we see look like a thick pen, a stylus for an iPad, a flash drive, or a small flask with a round chimney coming off the top (see pictures).  The devices are very small and can easily be hidden on a person or blend in with normal backpack items.  Like cigarettes, stores cannot sell vaping items to people under the age of 18.  However, students report that they purchase the devices online or buy from older siblings, friends, or unfortunately even parents.

Here are two helpful resources that you can use to talk to your kids about vaping. The first is the Surgeon General’s 2016 report on e-cigarette use. The second is from the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids and provides some useful tips.  The third site provides signs to look for in a child’s room.   

·         https://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/data_statistics/sgr/e-cigarettes/index.htm

·         https://drugfree.org/parent-blog/the-teen-vaping-trend-what-parents-need-to-know/

·         http://powertotheparent.org/be-aware/hidden-in-plain-sight/

The school district’s board policy and school handbook strictly prohibits the use of tobacco or tobacco products.  Our school handbooks states “Smoking or other use (or for minors, possession) of tobacco or tobacco products is prohibited on the school premises at any time or for any function, on or off site, in which the student body participates, including daily or extra-curricular bus transportation. This includes electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and vaping.” If students are caught using or possessing these devices on campus or at school events, they will face school suspensions and possible referral to police. Further, these same items are covered in our co-curricular code and students engaging in this behavior will also face co-curricular suspensions. 

Most importantly, we are concerned about our student’s health and well-being. It is our hope that through the efforts of home and school, our students will refrain from using such devices. We strongly encourage you to have a conversation with your child about the dangers of vaporizers/e-cigarettes.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. Please feel free to contact our school counselor or myself with any questions or concerns you may have.



Dr. William White

Middle and High School Principal









WBHS Drama Club
presents a student led production of 

Friday, March 9th and Saturday, March 10th at 7:00 pm. 

Doors open 6:30 pm.  Tickets $5.00 @ the door.



Open enrollment period for the 2018-19 school year

runs from February 5th - April 30, 2018 – 4:00 P.M.


On January 8, 2018 the Williams Bay School Board meeting approved the following open enrollment caps for the 2018-19 school year:

Open enrollment caps for 2018-19 school year;

4K       15 students per section/3 sections 45 students

5K       15 students per section/3 sections 45 students 

1st       18 students per section/3 sections 54 students

2nd      18 students per section/3 sections 54 students

3rd       19 students per section/3 sections 57 students

4th       19 students per section/3 sections 57 students

5th       20 students per section/3 sections 60 students

6th       20 students per section/3 sections 60 students

7th       20 students per section/3 sections 60 students

8th       20 students per section/3 sections 60 students

Special Education open enrollment caps;

4K-12th Speech                       39 students

4K-12th Multi-categorical          60 students

Parents may apply during the open enrollment period by going to the online website – https://dpi.wi.gov/open-enrollment


The Williams Bay Board of Education is in the process of creating its next five-year plan.  As they work on the plan they would like your input into its development by answering the following survey questions.  Thank you for your assistance - it is helpful and appreciated.

 Five-Year Strategic Plan Survey


Williams Bay School District is using GoGuardian to protect your students. GoGuardian is a software designed specifically to help educators ensure students’ safety when using the Chromebooks. GoGuardian was created to help schools and districts comply with United States federal laws such as the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) by providing comprehensive filtering and analytics of student Chromebook usage. Click here for more information.




Imagine...free admission to all athletic contests* , concerts, and plays conducted at the Williams Bay Schools. The Bulldog Platinum card is available to ALL Williams Bay Community Members age 65 and older. Cards may be obtained at the Middle/High School office. *WIAA contests are excluded.